Gasol on Gasol? Memphis Grizzlies 95, Los Angeles Lakers 93

Marc Gasol on Pau Gasol - Memphis Grizzlies vs LA lakers

A couple of days ago (Feb 1st) was the two-year anniversary of the trade for Pau Gasol from the Memphis Grizzlies to the Los Angeles Lakers. Well the trade was put to test when the Lakers came to battle the Memphis Grizzlies, which pitted brothers Pau Gasol and Marc Gasol together.

The outcome? Memphis Grizzlies (26-21) defeat the Los Angeles Lakers (37-12) with 95 points to 93.

Yes Kobe scored 44 of the Lakers total 93 points, dropping 16 of 28 points, encouraging the thousands of Laker fans but the real ‘game was on’ with ‘Gasol on Gasol.’

By the way, Kobe’s 44 points mean the rest of the Lakers team scored but 49 points collectively.

However, Marc Gasol, who by the way, is shooting 60 percent from the field, is still making headlines for getting the best of Pau during that game.

What did they score, nothing impressive, but Marc Gasol did nudge above Pau scoring 11 to his 10 with 13 rebounds, while Rudy Gay netted 25, Zach Randolph 22 with 17 rebounds and Lester Hudson making a career high 13 points off the bench.

Two years after the Pau Gasol trade, and the Memphis Grizzlies seem to be doing better than just ok. What do you think? Watch a video recap here.

Photo by (Memphis Sports/JD Meredith)
Marc Gasol on Pau Gasol – Memphis Grizzlies vs LA lakers


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