Cellphone Companies Agree To Warn As Customers Approach Limit


If you have gotten a cellphone bill in the past and wondered how did you get over 200 minutes in overage — you may no longer need to worry again.

On Monday, the cellphone companies agreed to warn subscribers before they go over their monthly plan limits for calling minutes, text messages (SMS) and data usage following a regulation threat from the Federal Communications Commission. The deal was announced by FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski during a news conference alongside CTIA – The Wireless Association president, Steve Largent.

CTIA – The Wireless Association, who is representing a number of major U.S. cellphone companies, stated in addition to notifying subscribers about calling minutes, text messages and data usage, they will also be warning customers of roaming fees when they travel abroad.

For those who are wondering how you will receive the notification for possible overage, it will be sent via text message.

The U.S. who has been debating on requiring a warning since last year for “wireless bill shock,” follows behind European regulators who had implemented roaming regulation in March of 2010.

Meanwhile, don’t get too happy right away, the wireless cellphone companies are looking to have notifications for (2) services intact within the next 12 months and all alerts within 18 months.


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