Gaddafi Dead, Killed by Libyan Fighters?!


Muammar al-Gaddafi, Libya’s autocratic ruler for 42 years, was shot in the head and chest, and killed after being captured by Libyan rebel forces. Gaddafi had been holed up in his hometown of Sirte in a refusal to relinquish power. Gaddafi was driven 120 miles and delivered to Misrata — the city that suffered much during the Libyan revolution and civil war.

There is some speculation concerning when and how Gaddafi died, who was found hiding in a drainage pipe. Fighters pulled the hair of an alive Gaddafi in Sirte and shoved him onto the hood of a pickup truck. Later, his lifeless, half naked and blood-covered body was driven through Misrata for eyes to see.

A doctor, who was in the ambulance with Gaddafi, reported the former dictator died during the drive from Sirte to Misrata from wounds to the head and chest.

Muammar al-Gaddafi

The people of Libya began protesting Gaddafi’s rule in February 2011, which resulted in a civil war. NATO led a military intervention, including calling for no fly zones.

Along with Libyans, people from nations around the world, including U.S. President Barack Obama and other politicians, marked Gaddafi’s death as a victory.







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