Memphis Woman, 19, Charged With Sex Trafficking of Teen Girl, 15

Lilmekea Hunter, 19, charged with sex trafficking of a 15 year old minor

A 15 year old Memphis teen has been rescued by police after been forced into having sex with multiple men, who paid the teen’s captive, another female teenager, 19, money to have sex with the underage girl.

Lilmekea Hunter, 19, has been charged with sex trafficking of a minor after police found the 15 year old in her home.

Hunter admitted to police of the crime, after somehow the teenage girl was able to make it to a phone to call her mom on Christmas Eve detailing her horrific story of being lured to Hunter’s home and forced to have sex with multiple men.

Hunter allegedly met the 15 yr old at a skating rink, according to WMCTV, and lured the 15 year old with promise of a simple sleep-over at her house.

After the phone call from the teen to her mother, police responded to the situation which led them to Hunter’s home, where they found the 15 year old, whom had been held against her will while men paid Hunter for sex with the underage teen at her house.

Hunter would later admit to police that she had been accepting money from multiple men to have sex with the 15 year victim.


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