Apple iPhone’s Siri All Hype? Android App Named Iris Made In 8 Hours


Many Android fans have been getting a little ticked off by the release of the new iPhone 4S which comes with the application Siri which has been getting raving praise. To turn up the heat, a development team created their own version, Iris, for Android users.

Video: Siri vs Iris Review


One Andriod user told Memphis Metro News, they believe that Apple is just making a foolery out of buyers simply for an “app.” Many Apple consumers would beg to differ and would probably say that their OS is less buggy, has facetime and a number of other things. But in reality is it just all hype?

The application Vlingo has already been out in the Android marketplace and features similar features of Siri. Vlingo can send text and emails, voice dial, search the web, update the status on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare), buy movie tickets, book hotel rooms and more.

Don’t deny it, Siri does look interesting if you watch the Siri video commercial.

As for the new application Iris spelled Siri backwards, it was developed and created by Dexetra in just 8 hours.

According to Dexetra, they were inspired by Apple Siri to create an assistant that could answer questions. Although it doesn’t have all the functions of Siri or the slick interface like Siri or Vlingo, the beta version of the Iris application may have a future. No telling what may unfold for the future of Iris.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for an alternative to Siri as an Android user, then Vlingo may be the best option followed by Speaktoit Assistant.


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